Life, The Universe and Everything

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Room 8 K Stars Rocking Assembly


Stemming back to the 1970's our team has been on a roll and they're set to continue this streak going into 2016!

National finals here we go!

Remember when we were in school and the staff would spend time telling us what our consequence would be for misbehaving? This left us knowing what not to do, but wondering exactly what was expected. All of that has changed; we take the time to share just what kids need to do to be successful at school, specifically, and then we reward that good behavior as often as is possible. We set our students up to succeed!

First we explain the rules and how they "look" in practice, around the school...

Then we visit those places around the school and talk about what we can each do to be successful in following those 4 school rules...

When we are ready to move on, we leave the procedures we've brainstormed so that other classes can build on our thinking...

It's all cool at Jameson school.

Jameson School Basketball Team

It was looking pretty bleak for the Jameson team to actually make the playoffs this year let alone the stage they're at now. So a big thank you to all the support we had from the NCAA which made it all possible.
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